Tax Return Preparation

T. James Williams & Co., A.C. provides comprehensive tax services.All of our tax returns are processed and printed in house which helps assure the privacy of our clients personal income tax information as well as quick turn around time.

It is not uncommon that a return can be processed and back to a client within three days of our receiving all of the information necessary from the client for the preparation of their return.

In addition to tax return preparation we assist our clients with income tax planning as well as estate planning to help insure that the client is not surprised when informed of their tax liability.

Planning Tip
Minor children employed by their parents in their trade or business may be paid reasonable compensation for their services. This compensation is exempt form social security and medicare taxes at both the employer and employee level as well federal and state unemployment insurance and state disability insurance. Furthermore the amount paid is fully deductible by the parent in arriving at their business income which is reported on their tax return.

Accounting & Auditing Services

T. James Williams & Co., A.C. provides a broad range of accounting and auditing services including periodic general accounting and financial statement preparation as well as the preparation of various payroll, sales, property tax, census and other required governmental reports.

Our auditing and accounting clientele include a diverse range of clients from private industry, private schools, professionals, agriculture, agri-business, tax-exempt organizations, auto dealerships and many others.

As part of the AICPA requirements, T. James Williams & Co., A.C. has participated in the peer review program administered by the California Society of Certifed Public Accountants since 1990. You can view a copy of our most recent peer review report by clicking here.

Full-Service Bookkeeping

T. James Williams & Co., A.C. provides a complete bookkeeping service package to our clientele. We will prepare from clients records a complete double entry set of accounting records on our in-house accounting software.

In addition to a detailed general ledger, cash disbursements and deposit journals, clients are provided with a financial statement that is adjusted for depreciation, accruals (if applicable), inventory fluctuations, as well as mortgage and note amortization.

In order to assist our clients and to help them manage their business from a more informed point of view we will instruct them as to how to “read” the financial statements if they request. By understanding what information is available on their statements they will be better equipment to make informed decisions.

We are a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and encourage you to take advantage of our free one-half hour consultations. Also ask about our payroll setup special for new clients.

Most of our full-service bookkeeping is provided on a monthly retainer fee arrangement for all agreed to procedures. This helps the clients budget and know what their accounting costs will be during the engagement period. Additional services, if requested, are billed separately.

Management Advisory Services

T. James Williams & Co., A.C. uses in-house, state-of-the-art computer equipment for all areas of service. We provide data processing technology consulting for clients whom are either purchasing their first computer or upgrading existing systems, whether stand alone or networked.

We also can assist clients in their use of other related software packages as well as internet applications. We have experience working with many of today’s well known accounting and accounting related software packages.

We are Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and look forward to meeting your needs.

Peer Review Services

T. James Williams & Co., A.C. offers peer review services for CPA firms.

All CPA firms who are members of the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) are required to under go Peer Review.

Contact us today to setup a peer review with Jim.


Real Estate Services

Over $25,000,000.00 in sales since 2005! This may sound unusual for a Certified Public Accounting firm but who better to help with your real estate needs than a CPA who also knows the tax laws?

With the recent explosion in the real estate market in the central valley we have helped many of our clients buy and sell real estate in Fresno and the surrounding areas.

From homes, to farm land to large residential developments (the largest being 160 acres) we have worked with our clientele through the entire process including letters of intent, contract negotiations and the drawing of contractual documents.

We also assist in tax free exchanges (IRC Sec. 1031) and provide both tax and real estate advice to our clients.

Mortage & Loan

Need a loan?

Whether you are buying a new home, refinancing an existing ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) or are looking to use some of your home equity for home improvements or to consolidate your debt we can help.

We have helped many clients in the past three years to obtain the financing they needed to accomplish their financial goals. We offer competitive pricing at current market conditions.